The Faculty of ESRI 2017

Members of the ESRI 2017 faculty are amongst the world’s top experts in their fields. Part of the great variety of expert speakers are (listed in alphabetical order):

Hanneli Ågotsdatter
Psychotherapist and a teacher of yoga and meditation, Denmark

Professor John D. Dunne
Distinguished Chair in Contemplative Humanities, the Center for Healthy Minds, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

David Hykes
Composer, singer, teacher of contemplative music and meditation, France

Dr. Hanne De Jaegher
Philosopher of mind and cognitive science at University of the Basque Country

Dr. Barry Kerzin
Affiliate Professor University Washington Tacoma, Visiting Professor Central University of Tibetan Studies Varanasi, India, Honorary Professor University Hong Kong, and former Assist. Prof. Medicine University Washington, USA

Professor Anne C. Klein
Professor and former Chair Department of Religion, Rice University, and Founding Teacher of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism, USA

Dr. Antoine Lutz
Tenured scientist at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, INSERM, France

Professor Andreas Olsson
Associate Professor, Research group leader, and Lab Director, Division of Psychology, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Professor Claire Petitmengin
Cognitive researcher, phenomenologist and buddhist scholar, France

Professor Vasu Reddy
Director Centre of Situated Action and Communication University Portsmouth and Chair Developmental Section of British Psychological Society, UK

Dr. Donata Schoeller
Ph.D. in Philosophy on 'Humility', trainer in the mindfulness practices, Switzerland

Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolf Singer
Director em. Max Planck Institute Brain Research, Frankfurt, Founding Director Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Brain Research, Director of Ernst Strüngmann Forum, Germany

Ann Taves, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

Father Francis V. Tiso
Priest of the Diocese of Isernia-Venafro, Italy

Professor Katherine Weare
Emeritus Professor at the University of Exeter and Southampton, UK


Others who will be present at the Summer Research Institute are Mind & Life Board members and the members of the ESRI planning committee: John D. Dunne, Nathalie Legros, Fabienne Picard, and Andreas Roepstorff.