Mind & Life Europe

Mind and Life Europe is an integral part of a global strategy to build and support contemplative science and contemplative studies at an international and interdisciplinary level. Established in response to increased interest from individuals and institutions, Mind and Life Europe assesses needs, implements strategies and facilitates programmes to help to seed and advance the study of consciousness and contemplative practices, specifically in Europe.

Its mission is to expand Mind & Life initiatives outside of the United States. Its purpose is to support and facilitate the dialogue between different branches of science, such as neuroscience, medicine, psychology, philosophy and the contemplative traditions of the world. With these initiatives, research in the above fields is encouraged and facilitated.

Mind and Life Europe held its first public meeting in Zurich, Switzerland in April 2010 on the topic of "Altruism and Compassion in Economic Systems".

In October 2013, Mind & Life Europe hosted its first European Symposium for Contemplative Studies in Berlin. 

In August 2014, Mind & Life Europe successfully hosted its first European Summer Research Institute (ESRI), and in December 2014 awarded European Varela Awards.
In August 2015 the second and again outstanding edition of the ESRI was organized on the Fraueninsel in lake Chiemsee, Germany.


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