Our mission is to alleviate suffering and promote humane and societal flourishing by integrating science with contemplative practice and wisdom traditions.

Science is the dominant framework for investigating the nature of reality. It is the modern source for knowledge that could help improve the lives of humans and the planet. However, an increasing number of scientists find that science based on empiricism, technology, and objective observation and analysis, does not provide enough insights to contribute to human flourishing.

Mind & Life Europe believes that well-refined contemplative practices and introspective methods are instruments of investigation that allow us to fully understand the human mind and the subjective experience of life. This is known as ‘contemplative science’.

This type of science has established that contemplative practice has measurable effects on the human brain, on human health and wellbeing. It has also shown that contemplative practice cultivates positive mental qualities such as care and compassion.

By providing a complete image of the mind and its potential to develop positive mental states, contemplative science not only makes science itself more humane but also ensure its conclusions contribute to human and societal flourishing.