Cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration

ESRI is a summer institute where scientists, educators, professionals and researchers working in the field of contemplative science can assemble as a community to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge from their lives and work. With its unique format, ESRI facilitates cross-disciplinary dialogue, and collaboration to advance the training of a new generation of scholars and researchers.

Unique format

The intensive one-week programme features contemplative practice, interdisciplinary scholarly presentations, artistic experiences and networking opportunities. The institute offers a unique format and ample opportunities for deep dialogue across disciplines, as well as inquiry through, and learning from, first-person experience. The faculty include scientists, clinical researchers, artists and contemplative practitioners, scholars, and teachers. The ESRI will be restricted to a maximum of 120 participants, as innovative and interdisciplinary scientific conversations, potential collaborations and new projects are more likely to develop successfully with a limited number of committed participants. Attendees are selected through a review process.

European Varela Awards

Attendees of the ESRI are eligible to apply for the European Varela Awards (EVAs) for contemplative research. Click here for more information.