Dr Fabienne Picard is a neurologist. She is currently senior consultant in the EEG and Epilepsy Unit of the Neurology Department at the University Hospital of Geneva. She holds an MD degree in medical studies in neurology as well as a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in cellular and molecular biology, with a major in neurobiology, from the Faculty of Medicine, Strasbourg, France.

In 1995 she joined the University Hospitals of Geneva where she obtained the title of privat-docent and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Geneva. Internationally renowned in the field of epilepsy genetics, she has published about 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Over the last few years, she has been particularly interested in the role of the insula in self-awareness and positive emotions through the study of “ecstatic” epilepsy.

Fabienne is also an Association Member of Mind & Life Europe.