Dr Masi Noor - Since 2003, I have studied the psychology of forgiveness, victimhood, and related concepts both in the psychology lab but importantly also in real-life contexts such as Northern Ireland, Chile, former Yugoslavia and in Palestine & Israel. A great deal of my research is informed by real-life stories which can powerfully identify the key ingredients for personal and collective transformation and growth. I was privileged to co-found the Forgiveness Toolbox (www.theforgivenesstoolbox.com) which through the analyses of victims and perpetrators’ real-life stories identifies key tangible skills enabling individuals and communities to understand and explore the practice of forgiveness. I am also keen to make scientific knowledge accessible to wider audiences. Recently, a collaboration between an artist, a journalist/story-teller and myself has given birth to a graphic book ‘Forgiveness Is Really Strange’. This book has received encouraging reviews, e.g., “This book will become a moral guide to readers, including young people, on how to make the world a better place.” (Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, University of Cambridge)”

I was trained as a scientist through a BSc degree in Applied Psychology at the University of Ulster and a PhD degree in Social Psychology at the University of Sussex. I have held several academic positions at various UK-based institutions, but for now I am happily a staff member of the School of Psychology at Keele University, where among other duties, I am the Programme Lead for the MSc in Applied Social and Political Psychology. I speak Farsi, German, and English, but do not have a mother tongue.

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